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For over 30 years, Vulsay has been an expert in blending and packaging liquids for the automotive, household, marine, agricultural and recreational markets. We offer solid quality and impeccable service. (Of course you expect that!) And our friendly and competent team has a consistent track record of exceeding our customers' expectations. (Yes, we package customer satisfaction and our customers do tell us that a lot!)

At a glance -- here is what we can do for you:


 YOUR OPTIONS Custom Filling Contract Packaging Private Labelling
You already have the liquid  
You Need to source the liquid  
You already have the package    
You need to source the package



And there's more. We can source the raw products for you. (With our purchasing power, we can probably save you a few pennies.) We can bar code, shrink wrap, custom palletize, and provide mixed pallet programs. We can easily ship your load on a truck, a boat or even by rail. We can help you minimize your inventory levels and total cost of ownership. In short, we can help you maximize your bottom line.